Christmas in Texas Part 2

My family and I took a vacation to Texas for Christmas.  While there we visited several parks.  One day when the kids were getting antsy, we took them all to Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin, Texas.  We were able to get a group rate making it a cheap activity.  The kids loved the Komodo Dragon, the birds, elephants, tigers, and hippos.  The tigers and other big cats were active in the cooler winter weather.  The kids were excited to watch them walk around and call to one another.  The park outside the zoo has several different playgrounds, pavilions with BBQ, a lake, and a train.  The lake has warning signs about alligators and while we did not see one, I did see a bald eagle, and a crane on the lake.

My sister-in-law and I, also, took the smaller kids to Maroney Park in Tyler Texas.  The park has a huge wooden playground with towers and corridors underneath.  It also has a doll house, wooden airplane, and slides.  The kids loved it!

Our last visit while in Texas was to Henderson Museum.  The museum is run by the town of Henderson.  It includes a yard full of historic buildings. Most items have personal stories from the families who donated the items as to their history.  This personal touch makes the museum stand out from other similar museums. My favorite story was about Jesse Rogers, a blind African American born in 1913.  He did not allow his blindness to limit himself. But attended college and opened a business making brooms. The museum had his broom making equipment on display. The museum has a cotton gin in the park. The invention of the cotton gin was a critical development in the economic development of the area. However, although I had read about cotton gins, I had never seen one before.



In conclusion, our trip to Texas during Christmas was beautiful. The weather was warm most days with rain on others. If you do not enjoy the cold, you should consider visiting Texas in the winter!


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