Dogport Park

Dogport Park is a large, well kept park for dogs in Maryland Heights just off McKelvey Road.  Membership at the park is $30 a year for residents and $80 for non-residents. The dog park has an area for small dogs.  The small dog area has water and a bench and plenty of space to run.

And it has a larger area for all dogs with a tunnel, a hill,  picnic tables, benches, pavilion for shade, water, and Dog scoop station with a trash can.

Dogport is just behind Aquaport and Maryland Heights Community Center.  Just in front of the park is McKelvey Woods Park with a small playground, seasonal restrooms, parking, and a pavilion with picnic tables and a BBQ  pit.  The enterance to the park connects to McKelvey Trail, a beautiful quiet trail which will soon connect to Creve Coeur Lake!