Vago Park

Vago Park is in Maryland Heights off Fee Fee Road and has a fantastic playground for children that is worth driving to.  This park makes my top 10 playgrounds in St. Louis area.   When I moved to St. Louis, my kids and I enjoyed the park before they updated it.  However now it is fantastic!  Last year, the City of Maryland Heights updated the park. These updates included new features for the splash pad and a large new playground and fitness area!  The splash pad now has buckets and rainbow rings and jets, and a spray station to wash off dirt and sand.  The splash pad is located conveniently near the bathrooms!

And they took out two newer but smaller playgrounds and put in a huge playground in the back section of the park.  This playground has a zip line, one of which is ADA accessible.  It has slides, climbing structures and a spinning toy.  There is a second bathroom next to the playground.  Both bathrooms are seasonal.  The back area also has pavilions that are rent able, picnic tables, horseshoe pits, a basketball court, a walking path, drinking fountains, parking, and a bike rack.

The tie breaker that places this playground in my top ten was the adult outdoor fitness area that they added!  The workout equipment uses your body weight, which is less then you might use at a gym.  But you can take your children there and watch them and do leg presses at the same time.  Or if you have a teenager and younger children, like I do, the teenager can read while doing leg presses and the younger ones can play!  Many of the fitness stations have a wheelchair accessible side.  Therefore this park is excellent for children and adults.  Adults can take a walk, exercise, play horseshoes or walk the dog.  (In the picture the park staff is still installing the fitness equipment but it is now open.)


The Park consists of two parts and has a nice walking path between them.  The front part of the park has two pavilions that can be rented, BBQs, a bathroom, horseshoes, two playgrounds (one for toddlers and one for older children), swings, sand volleyball, a gazebo, a scent garden, and a nice updated splash pad.    If you go the scent garden is worth checking out.  The herbs are well tended.


Unfortunately the changes mean that older equipment had to be removed.  Some of the old playground and fitness equipment that the park had to take down are shown below.