Mary Ridge Park

Mary Ridge Park is a beautiful 3 acre park in St. Ann with an interesting history.  A parking lot is located just off Westridge Lane in St. Ann, map here.  The park is located in what used to be the town of Mary Ridge.  A sign on the pavilion states that the bricks used in the construction of the pavilion were reused bricks from the original Town Hall for Mary Ridge.  The town merged with St. Ann in 1976.  It is encouraging to see evidence of people working together and using history to remember and create parks for children.

The park itself has a nice pavilion which can be rented for $50 (resident) or $100 (nonresident) with a BBQ.  A nice parking lot and a bathroom is next to the pavilion.  The park also has horseshoe pits, a decent size playground, and a ball field.  I found a cute “wishing well” and many interesting kinds of mushrooms.